“Baleswari Jaukandhei" a couple of lacquer art of Balasore, In Orissa, India.
“Baleswari Jaukandhei" a couple of lacquer art of Balasore, In Orissa, India.

Silpi "Kesudas" an emerging artist of Balasore in Orissa in India felt the surveillances of the languishing ancient & folk art & craft and culture of Balasore those needed revival & mass popularization in an urgent basis.He united a few art lovers & benevolent individuals and established this art & culture organisation in the name & style as Baleswari Kala Kendra in 2004 at Balasore.                                  More  >>
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“Baleswari Jaukandhei a couple of lacquer designed terracotta doll-  a languishing folk lacquer art of Balasore, in Orissa, India has a rich ethical and ritual values in maintaining peaceful conjugal relationship in the family while bringing the health, wealth and prosperity to an individual’s home. Celebrating its wedding ceremony by the neighbors develops long-term affinity and social harmony. Offering the dolls to hard Laxminarayan on  the auspicious occasion of Maha Sabitri Brata by the married women prospers the conjugal relationship that is a folk culture of Balasore locality. The in of the striving traditional artisans of such craft are inexpressible, because of decline its craft market due to lack of appropriate technical knowledge, design orientation and market mechanism according to the changing trend of the art consumers and socio-economic scenario in the contemporary society.
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Baleswari Kala Kendra
Dublagada, Koshamba Nagar, Near Remuna Golei,
Po - Bhimapura, Dist - Balasore,Pin-756003, Odisha, India
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