Silpi Kesudas an emerging artist of Balasore in Orissa in India felt the surveillances of the languishing ancient & folk art & craft and culture of Balasore those needed revival & mass popularization in an urgent basis.He united a few art lovers & benevolent individuals and established this art & culture organisation in the name & style as Baleswari Kala Kendra in 2004 at Balasore.  

Baleswari Kala Kendra
At : Arad Bazar, Balasore,Pin-756001, Orissa, India.
E-mail  : ksudas@jaukandhei.com, Website  : www.Jaukandhei.com
Mob : 9861104590

WHO INITIATED? – Silpi Kesudas

Legal Status:
Registered under Societies Registration Act, XXI of 1860.

Registration No: BLS-8299-20-2006-07
Moto: “Baleswari Kala Sanskrti, Jagatajaka Jau Mati.”
Means: Let the Art & Culture of Balasore be spread over the world.


  1. Bringing the smiles with the deprived & striving artists & artisans of the society,
  2. Exploration of unidentified areas of ancient & folk art, craft and culture to bring to mainstream,
  3. Innovations of science & technology and modern delivery systems for value addition of art & crafts,
  4. Optimizing the level of satisfactions of the art & craft lovers choice and
  5. Building up a bridge in between the artists, craftsperson and art-lovers.

Aims & Objectives:

  1. To explore the unidentified ancient & folk art & craft as well as the rich ethical & spiritual and ritual values coherence to art, culture, literature, philosophy and politics etc.,
  2. To build up a temperament in high acceptance of art & crafts by the art-lovers,
  3. To organize, educate, train up and professionalize the traditional, conventional and folk artists to bring them to mainstream of the contemporary art & craft world so as to enhance their basic professional skills in managing their own organizations for socio-economic liberty and self-reliance,
  4. To organize the professional and traditional, conventional and folk artists artists into a common platform for their wider exposures to the unidentified areas of art, crafts and its related culture,
  5. To innovate the appropriate science & technology, designs, forms and mediums for commercialization and value additions of art & crafts,
  6. To universalize the ethics, spiritual, rituals and socio-cultural values of Baleswari Lacquer Art in enhancing the conjugal happiness and social harmony and
  7. To share the ideas, knowledge, skills, expertise and culture including the inter-organizational relationships amongst  art, craft, culture, philanthropic and spiritual organizations on the globe.


  1. Study on Ancient & Folk Lacquer Art of Balasore: ‘Baleswari Jaukandhei’ in Orissa of India since 2006,
  2. Socio-economic Development of Traditional Lacquer Artisans of Balasore,
  3. Universalizing the ritual, spiritual and socio-cultural values of Baleswari Jaukandhei,
  4. Tribal Art Schools at 5 slums of Balasore Town,
  5. Baleswari Art School for Child Artists of Balasore,
  6. A Sand School annex to Gopabandhu Park at Balasore Town,
  7. Revive the Tribal Art by Tribal through Wall-paintings, Competitions and Exhibitions,
  8. Innovating ‘Folk Art of Kantha Stitching’ amongst the Rural Women,
  9. Market Promotion of Art & Crafts for Socio-economic Development of Artists & Artisans Families,
  10. Develop the Exposures amongst the Artists & Artisans organizing Seminars, Workshops, Competitions and Exhibitions at Local to National Levels and
  11. Publication for Popularizing the Art & Culture.

Future Plan:

  1. Building up and strengthening own organizations of traditional lacquer craft families like ‘Jaura’ and ‘Sankhari’ Comunities of Orissa for their technological and socio-economic up-gradations.
  2. Formalizing & upgrading the Tribal Art Schools to give shape as an Autonomous Tribal Art & Culture University in long run basis.
  3. Establishing a ‘Jaūdyan’ : a Lacquer Art & Craft Park in Orissa.
  4. Developing a ‘Kalagram’ : a Craft Village at Balasore.
  5. Establishing a Museum & Resource Centre on Lacquer Art, Tribal Art and Kantha at Balasore.


Let’s have the pleasure and spiritual grace becoming a partner in promotion of art & craft.



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